How to Trial Our Data

S3 Data trials are complimentary and easy to incorporate into your preferred workflow. Access S3 data and predictive analytics directly from S3, from S3’s partners or on S3’s apps. S3 data is also available through excel plug-ins and APIs.

See Why S3’s BLACK APP is the Most Popular App in the History of Bloomberg

Trial the S3 BLACK APP

Black App Pro

Real time Short Interest, Predictive Analytics, and Financing Screening Toolkit. Type {APPS BPRO <GO>} to start your trial and see why the S3 Black App is the most popular app in the history of Bloomberg.

Don’t have Bloomberg? No problem. The Black App is also available directly through S3 Partners or on these platforms:

  • S3 Web Application

  • Eikon

  • Eze

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Trial Enterprise Data

Trial enterprise data and gain instant access to Positions & Cash Data combined with S3’s Pricing and Analytics. Ingest S3’s Pricing and Analytics across your Enterprise and in 3rd party platforms (OMS, EMS, Risk, etc.). Click on any of our partner platforms below to start your trial.