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S3 Black App on Bloomberg

Find out why the S3 Black App is the most popular app in the history of Bloomberg.

S3’s BLACK APP is the only source of accurate and real-time Short Interest. Access S3’s proprietary Crowded and Squeeze Risk scores to quickly screen and monitor 65,000+ global securities to identify crowded stocks in your universe and better understand sentiment. Gain transparency to all sides of the borrow/loan market with the only independent and unbiased bid, offer, and last rates for Securities Financing.

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Access S3 Short Interest and Securities Finance data on Snowflake.

  • Real-time updates

  • Explore data, services and more without ETL

  • Scale your critical data workloads instantly, elastically, and near infinitely across public clouds

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Amazon Web Services

Access S3 short interest and securities finance data on AWS to handle the scale, agility, and flexibility required to combine different data and analytics approaches. Combine the power of S3 data with AWS to gain deeper insights than with traditional data silos and data warehouses allow.


Access S3 Short Interest and Securities Finance data on FactSet's marketplace's best-in-class data feeds and APIs.

Omega Point

Omega Point enables investment professionals to make data-driven decisions by utilizing traditional risk models alongside datasets like S3 Partners' short interest and securities finance data. Their open ecosystem grants easy access to diverse datasets for comprehensive market analysis. With a user-friendly interface and powerful API, Omega Point facilitates swift and advanced decision-making within organizations. Omega Point helps you turn data into actionable insights, improving portfolio management and investment strategies.